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World's biggest snakes and ladders game unveiled on giant six-acre 'board'

Here's the world's biggest game of Snakes and Ladders - and it's proving to be an a-maze-ing game.

Players used to a standard sized 10-inch square board are set for a shock when they clap their eyes on the six acre spectacular - whose hedges stand 9ft tall.

Michael Blee, 62, who spent months creating the six-acre maze at Gore Farm in Upchurch, near Rochester, Kent, said: "This is the 10th one I've done and its the most complicated so far.

"We are applying to the Guinness Book of Records as it must be the world's biggest game of snakes and ladders.

"Families really enjoy themselves. One visitor took four hours to complete the game and get out."

Holidaymaker Robert Hope, 36, who completed the game with his two children Maisie, five, and Stewart, eight, said: "It was amazing. You really feel like you are playing a game of snakes and ladders even though it is on such a large scale. It's a fantastic maze."

The maze will be open throughout the summer holidays.


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