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No. 2 at Timacuan Golf Club: This golf hole always makes the list, regardless of criteria.
Tee shot is key at Timacan No. 2, but sloping green (bottom left) is tough too

Every list that has been published about golf holes in Orlando has Timacuan Golf Club’s par 4-second hole somewhere near the top.

Whether the list is about degree of difficulty, beauty and style or strategic design, the daunting No. 2 at Timacuan always rises to the top when the votes are counted.

The drama starts with the tee shot. Whether you are playing from one of the forward markers, the blue tees, or taking it from the tips at 421 yards, you must carry water to reach the peninsula fairway.

How much water you carry dictates how taxing the remainder of the hole will be. Feeling frisky? The ideal drive is a cut that starts left of the 150-yard pole and slides right toward a progressively narrowing fairway. Pull that off and you have a short iron into the green and a story to tell at the 19th hole.

If your cut becomes a slice, however, bend over and re-tee while your ball settles into its' grave at the bottom of the lake. Or if your fade flops, you could drive it through the fairway into the far lake, or leave yourself behind a stand of trees, forcing a layup for your second shot.

A safer play is left of center, but that leaves a long iron or fairway wood approach shot that must carry more water to reach the putting surface.

The bailout area right of the green is no gimme. Pines, sticky rough and mounds create an awkward up and down.

And then there’s the putting surface, a terrifying test that slopes severely from back to front, right down to the beckoning hazard. If you ever putt the ball into the lake on that hole, take heart in the fact that you weren’t the first.

“Our golf course has many unique holes, but for sure No. 2 draws the most comments,” said Tony Johnson, General Manager at Timacuan. “It has it all – beauty, challenge and options. And there is no letup in the hole until the ball hits the bottom of the cup.”

Timacuan's No. 2, designed by Lakeland architect Ron Garl, may be the most talked about hole in Central Florida. Take par there, tiptoe to your cart and smile all the way to the third tee box.


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